Thursday, August 18, 2011

Look what i just found...


Ok so we have all seen the new YSL rings. YUM!
These are gorgeous, no doubt about it! But at £140, a little over the price tag as you say!

So look what i have found!!

These amazing rings are found on 'Love Hears and Crosses' - Link
They cost just £15... yes, £15 whole english pounds!
Ok, so the gold isn't EXACTLY the same and neither is the stone. But who's really going to scrutinise your fingers?
They do them in other totally gorgeous colours which can look completely different from the YSL ones if you aren't too keen on them.
I have totally fallen in love with this website and as soon as i have the money, i shall be purchasing lots of goodies!

What do you think? Good comparison or are you not one for buying a 'oh that looks just the same as...'?

Signed, S.Almy


  1. It looks great and real :) xxx

  2. that's pretty rad I'm gonna check it out thanks for this :) - fashion and beauty blog.

  3. No problem girlies! They have some fab stuff on there! X