Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Uni wardrobe... why not!

Good Morning Sweetie pies!

So i was having a walk around town the other day (Manchester for all of you who don't know where i live) and strolled into ARK. Now my friend Jess shops in here ALL the time and i guess i just underestimated it! "Yeahh yeah, ill have to go in one time".
I walked in and my new Uni wardrobe IS THIS STORE!
So i though i would share with you some of my new favourite pieces!
There are TONNESSS of things you could pick, so i have linked the site below.
They also do some fab mens clothing too!

By Glamorous. Denise Shirt £19.99

By Glamorous. Navy Olive playsuit £26.99

By Hearts and Bows. Rust Carly Knit. £22.99.
Also comes in Burgundy, Cream and Bottle Green!

By Hearts and Bows. Peach Carrie hoody £24.99.
Also comes in Mint and Lilac.

By Glamorous. Burgundy Beth top. £16.99

By Glamorous. Black and Mocca Steph top. £17.99

Hopefully you shall be seeing some rather lovely Outfits of the day in these bad boys!

What do you all think about their clothes? Are they your style?


Signed, S.Almy


  1. I might take a look at the website and order the knitted cardigan in green and the leopard print top!

  2. They are fab aren't they! They are most definitely on my pay day list!


  3. feel in love with ark myself when i first found it! I have that spotted playsuit, def worth getting, the fit is so lovely and material is nice also! :) x