Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year! Hello 2012!

So hi guys!
One of my new years resolutions is to start blogging again. I really enjoy writing down what I'm thinking about in everyday life as well as fashion, so here goes!
Hello 2012! Tonight I have sat inside with the family as I fell down the stairs at work and have sprained all my ligaments in my left foot. As boring as you may think it sounds it's been pretty good! We took photos, watches crap Tv and played Trivial Perasuit! Much to my surprise I actually enjoyed not going out to town (Manchester)... It's so expensive!
So i write this from my iphone in bed at 1.43am on rhe 1/1/2012.

Anyway, happy near year and may 2012 bring you as much happiness as I make it bring!

Signed, S.Almy

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Look what i just found...


Ok so we have all seen the new YSL rings. YUM!
These are gorgeous, no doubt about it! But at £140, a little over the price tag as you say!

So look what i have found!!

These amazing rings are found on 'Love Hears and Crosses' - Link
They cost just £15... yes, £15 whole english pounds!
Ok, so the gold isn't EXACTLY the same and neither is the stone. But who's really going to scrutinise your fingers?
They do them in other totally gorgeous colours which can look completely different from the YSL ones if you aren't too keen on them.
I have totally fallen in love with this website and as soon as i have the money, i shall be purchasing lots of goodies!

What do you think? Good comparison or are you not one for buying a 'oh that looks just the same as...'?

Signed, S.Almy

New Uni wardrobe... why not!

Good Morning Sweetie pies!

So i was having a walk around town the other day (Manchester for all of you who don't know where i live) and strolled into ARK. Now my friend Jess shops in here ALL the time and i guess i just underestimated it! "Yeahh yeah, ill have to go in one time".
I walked in and my new Uni wardrobe IS THIS STORE!
So i though i would share with you some of my new favourite pieces!
There are TONNESSS of things you could pick, so i have linked the site below.
They also do some fab mens clothing too!

By Glamorous. Denise Shirt £19.99

By Glamorous. Navy Olive playsuit £26.99

By Hearts and Bows. Rust Carly Knit. £22.99.
Also comes in Burgundy, Cream and Bottle Green!

By Hearts and Bows. Peach Carrie hoody £24.99.
Also comes in Mint and Lilac.

By Glamorous. Burgundy Beth top. £16.99

By Glamorous. Black and Mocca Steph top. £17.99

Hopefully you shall be seeing some rather lovely Outfits of the day in these bad boys!

What do you all think about their clothes? Are they your style?


Signed, S.Almy

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Everybody loves a freebie...

So after many moons of saving up my empty MAC pots i have finally got 6!! For all of you who didn't know, if you save up 6 empties you get a
free MAC Lipstick of your choice!

In a set for christmas i had got the Fearne Cotton lipstick in a pinky/nude/peachy colour. I LOVE it. Unfortunately tho the other day i was applying it and it snapped! NOOOOO! (1st sign of a bad day) Although there wasn't much left in it since i have had it since christmas, i was still devastated by this evil lipstick act!

I rummaged through my makeup draw and found 6 MAC empties.. AAHHHHHH *does angelic like sound/look*.
I had:
2 Foundations. Studio Sculpt in NW15.
1 Studio Moisture Tint in.... light? Im not sure if they have numbers.
2 Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powders in Light.
1 Bronzing Powder... i think it was a Mineralise one if they do it? In Golden.

I kindly gave them over to the lady and in return got my lipstick. Now these lipsticks are worth £13.50. Not exactly the amount you spend on your makeup, but at least its a reward!
I decided upon Creme Cup in the Cremesheen finish as its nice and moisturising and not too matte.... (they also taste of vanilla.. YUM!).
If you also got the Fearne Cotton lipstick for Xmas then the Creme Cup is such a good replacement!

Left line- MAC Creme Cup
Right line- Fearne Cotton

So go on girlies. Get saving and go and get yourself a gorgeous lipstick!!

Signed, S.Almy

An introduction...

Well, Hello!
After debating if i should start up a personal blog (already have to write a blog for my photography class) i have finally decided that i am going to go with it!

Sounds silly, debating over creating a blog, but for me this blog will be honest and show almost everything im upto so i didnt want to go into this without a care of what im doing!

Clothing/Makeup/Cooking/Craft/Photography etc.

This is just a quick introduction to me... so...
Im Sophie. Sophie Almy. (Bond... James ehhh). Im 20 and im a Photography Student studying at Stockport College. The course is actually run through Liverpool John Moores University, so if you wanted to go there to do Photog, you would have to come over to Stockport! Im extremely into Photography and hopefully you will be interested in the style and types that i produce.

I have millions of friends, each and every person is amazing. However, i have just a few besties.
Im sure you will be introduced to them in my posts!

Im interested in fashion and makeup, although i know didillysquat about it! Lipstick lover and all round blondie!

I work in a shoe shop, so im going to keep you updated with our latest trends we have in, prices and ill also link you up to our shop website on each post.

Im human, i make mistakes, so if you notice anything that isn't correct, give me an email! I dont biteeee.

Anyway, have a fab day. You shall be hearing from me very soon!

Signed, S.Almy...